Recipe – Lavender Heart Cookies

Lavender, its hairy hedges wafting a sensitive heady fragrance withinside the wintry weather sunshine, is one in all my preferred herbs. It is hardy, smells notable, cleanses the air of viruses and repels insects. All those virtues and you may bake with it too! I became going via my recipe books yesterday, seeking out some thing new to strive withinside the biscuit baking line and noticed a recipe for Lavender Heart Cookies. Every time I`d glanced via the ee-e book it had continually intrigued me, however I’d by no means attempted it earlier than, because the concept of the use of lavender in baking appeared a bit weird…thrilling however probable getting outcomes of ‘yuk Mum, what are those bits?’

Anyway, withinside the spirit of culinary journey, I notion I’d have a cross. The components have been minimal – butter, sugar, flour and plant life! Lavender florets. So off I went to choose out the lavender. Not plenty became required, simply tablespoons of sparkling florets (the little crimson flower bits off the primary stalk), so I had a pleasing healing second deciding on the great stalks from my lavender hedge, which continues to be generating new plant life no matter it being the center of wintry weather right here. Then got here the integration all of the components collectively right into a crumbly dough, that is greater crumb than dough, however sooner or later did all paintings collectively. After its relaxation withinside the refrigerator, I tentatively rolled out the dough, nevertheless crumbling madly, however it became sooner or later persuaded to live collectively through an insistent rolling pin. I churlishly refused my youngest daughter`s gives of assist in reducing out the hearts…suggest of me, I recognise, however this became my adventure of exploration now no longer hers, this time!

They got here out of the oven, aromatic and golden. The second of reckoning drew near. Children, scenting new baking, collected round. The women uncritically tucked in, my son, the conservative connoisseur, became away, however modified his thoughts on the appreciative noises round him. A careful nibble and he became convinced – I became now no longer looking to poison them…!

Here’s the recipe in case you want a culinary journey too!

Lavender Heart Cookies
115g/4oz butter
90ml/6 tablespoons caster sugar
175g/6oz undeniable flour
2 tablespoons sparkling lavender florets

Cream collectively the butter and 60ml/four tablespoons of the sugar until mild and fluffy. Stir withinside the flour and lavender and paintings it in, kneading together along with your arms until it comes collectively right into a tender ball of dough. Cover with grasp movie and relax withinside the refrigerator for 15 mins. Roll out on a gently floured floor. Stamp out the cookies with a coronary heart fashioned cutter (as an alternative a fluted-edged spherical cutter). Makes approximately 18 with a 5cm/2inch cutter. Put cautiously onto a gently greased baking tray and sprinkle the closing sugar onto the pinnacle of every form. Bake at 200C/400F for approximately 10 mins until golden. Leave the cookies at the tray for five mins, earlier than setting directly to a cooling rack.

So my test became deemed a success. The adults, later that nighttime, additionally preferred them. ”Elizabethan” cautioned my sister-in-regulation, and “packaged in a quite field they had make a excellent gift”. I ought to admit right here that, given the selection of a chocolate biscuit or a lavender one, the youngsters might unanimously vote for chocolate, however the reality that they taken into consideration them fit to be eaten at all, once they knew that they’d plant life in, is quite excessive reward for this recipe. I became the only who surreptitiously completed them off the subsequent morning with my tea. That aromatic flavour at the palate, smooth but candy, became irresistible!


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